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Old Fence and Trees Removed and Replaced - 17 May 2023

This job wasn't very large in terms of the ammount of fence we had to install, however, the scale of the preparation work was.

We had to first remove an old raised deck that had been in place for a number of years, it had been covered in leaf litter from the trees that surrounded it, and had become rotten and dangerous which meant the property owner could no longer maintain the trees which were in turn destroying the structure.

On removal of the deck we discovered that previous owners had left a large amount of rubbish and rubble and bricks and so we had to remove this too, as the property owner wanted to reclaim the space to re-install the decking at a later date.

We took down the original fence that hadn't been installed correctly along with the trees and stumps and then fitted a new fence, with a gate and a gravel path, the whole job was completed in two days.

Customer Comments

'Amazing work, we would like to take this opportunity to thank the Portside Decking and Fencing team for a fast and friendly service.

We now have a large section of our garden back, it's tidy, accessible and secure, and will allow us to rebuild the decking that had been our only usable garden space, until it became too dangerous.

Portside Decking and Fencing worked within our budget, and were professional thoughout, and there were no hidden charges or extras at the end, highly recommended.'

Mr R. - Newport, South Wales

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